Start a hosting business with DirectAdmin

There are thousands of hosting companies on the Internet and maybe this article will help you to start your own. Many companies offering web services are hosting reseller of other (bigger) companies or have partnerships with hosting companies. Maybe you have ever thought to offer hosting services by yourself, with a dedicated server or a […]

Zen Cart Shopping Cart Software

  Running an online storefront isn’t generally seen as an easy task, at least if you’re the one adding the product descriptions, product images, managing inventory and dealing with receiving the payments and managing product delivery. In fact, running an eCommerce shop can be an outright chore, with the headaches exponentially increased if you’re using […]

How to build a WordPress image slider

Our last article about the Meteor slides plugin was about how to use the plugin for your WordPress website and doesn’t require any programming skills. My article today is about building a WordPress image slider from the ground up without using a plugin. Actually this is not totally true, because the tutorial is “only” about the WordPress part and […]