How can I start my own bulk SMS service to provide cheap SMS?

Yes, you can start with your own. But initially it would be risk if you don’t have deep knowledge in it. You will need to buy SMPP Server from one of the message aggregator companies and will have to create your own SMS application, API for SMS sending.

For this you will need development team importantly who can design you the platform with all the options which are necessary for SMS Sending. Features like bulk export of contacts, Sender ID creation, Template creation, Reporting system, Account customization are the few important. Of course, API too.

Let me tell you about 2nd option

2 . As a Reseller:

This is the easy and recommendable one. As this comes with low risks and good results. I can see you have already mentioned that you don’t wanna be reseller due to low margins. That’s good thing!

I would recommend you to be as reseller for atleast a year to understand complete work flow and procedures in SMS gateway.

After you feel that you understood completely about SMS Gateway, you can proceed with starting your own application and server.


I believe, after reading you would have got some knowledge on the topic you have been looking for.

Also some recommendable SMS providers are Digimiles, Kapsystem, Textlocal, Msg91.

websenor Infotech invites all our Clients and gives them an opportunity to become our Partner by being a Re-seller. It has ample of benefits which involves 0% Percent loss and it gives an exposure of Market, clients, costing, operations etc.

How to Start Your Own Bulk SMS Service

If you are already reading this, chances are that you already know the high potential of setting up your own SMS business that is Bulk SMS Service Provider and you don’t know where and how to start, or you have already stepped in SMS business as a re-seller to one of the existing SMS providers but you still leak in-depth know how & technicalities to take your business to the next level & become totally independent SMS provider without being attached to your provider single platform and pricing.

This is a practical information for new start ups & existing entrepreneurs who wants to start their own SMS service as an independent Bulk SMS Service Provider not as the commonly found “White Label Reseller programs” after you master this guide you will be able to provide others your own white Label Re-seller program as well as the typical SMS services that you will be rendering to your clients.

Well, I am putting all my expertise and know how that I have acquired in the SMS business industry the hard way ,when we first started in SMS business I started as an Reseller Sms to one of the existing big players providing SMS services to my client through my provider white label platform that was fine as quick jump start but later when my business volume and my client base increase


So I started to face many other challenges as I was stuck with 1 provider, 1 platform & pricing and didn’t have much flexibility to keep up with certain client inquiries and trying to switch to another white label program to compensate on either more options or better pricing that was another nightmare, it took me around 2 years to figure out how to be independent and how to properly setup my very own SMS platform so I can be totally independent from a single provider

By this information a lot of time, money and frustrations and will let you start on the right track from day one.You can start your own branded SMS Re seller website like Wegus Infotech or any domain under your name

websenor Infotech Features

1) Readymade Website (No programming knowledge required)

2) Fully Branded (Your Brand Name, Logo, Contact Number)

3) Free Excel Plugin for your Customers to send SMS from Microsoft Excel.

4) Create Unlimited Users / Sub-Resellers

5) Accept Credit / Debit Card, Net Banking payments through PayPal / CC Avenue.

6) Assign Sender IDs to your Customers.

7) Re-Credit of SMS back to your re-seller account upon expired account.

8) Provide API access to users through your website.

What is the business model

Simple – You get your own feature rich branded SMS website with admin access which allows you to manage your users & sub-resellers, create sender IDs, add SMS credits to your users etc.

You buy message units from our company at a wholesale price and then resell them to your customers in small batches at whatever price you want. The more customers you have, the more messages they send and the more messages you buy the lesser is your SMS cost. The higher the price per message you charge them, the more money you make. The highlight is that with our service you focus on serving your customers and building your business. We provide you with all back-end services that you need to be successful in selling the SMS.

We offer SMS business for you with minimal charges. You won’t be able to find a similar solution elsewhere in the market. To create a similar solution on your own would require significant resources like hiring developers, integrating connectivity with mobile networks, designing the application interface etc which will cost you a handsome amount.

Feature Rich Control Panel

  • All India coverage including private GSM & CDMA.
  • Bulk SMS – Whitelabel reseller option available.
  • Unlimited Validity & Lesser Price.
  • Manage contacts and groups online.
  • Import contact to groups through csv, text files.
  • Option to send dynamic messages.
  • Unicode SMS support (Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Chinese etc.)
  • SMS Scheduling (Sending SMS at a designated time).
  • Connect using web based system, HTTP API, SMPP, etc.
  • Live Delivery reports, daily logs.
  • No setup cost. Pay only the per SMS cost.

Disclaimer: I work for websenor infotech which offers Bulk  SMS Gateway to our clients with best service at an economic price. Feel free to reach us at or call on +91 99508 34560 for any Bulk SMS queries.

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