React Native – What It Can Do and What It Can’t

What is React Native?
React Native is an open source JavaScript framework developed by Facebook. It is an all in one solution to build native mobile apps for Android and iOS platform in one go and amalgamates native app development with JavaScript UI development.

JSX – JavaScript Syntax eXtension is the method used to write React Native applications. If you are not familiar of what JSX is: It is simply a combination of JavaScript as well as XML-esque.

What Can React Native Do?
Mobile app advancement is based on development in short cycles i.e. an app that is quick to deploy and an app that provides better performance.

Besides this, every consumer’s first preference is always an app that provides seamless experience regardless of the platform.

React Native does that for you.

Clearly, there are various other reasons that have led to the immense popularity of React Native.

1. Establishes Platform Independence
React Native was initially developed by Facebook to sustain iOS. However, it now supports all the methods specific to the Android operating system. So, it’s just like building a native app with a single codebase that works on both iOS and Android platforms.

2. Readily Available Reusable Components
Built with re-usability at its core, React Native enables you to make use of plug and play like features corresponding to iOS and Android. This makes the app architecture consistent with the following features:

Responsive UI and UX
Web-like style of development as compared to hybrid frameworks
Look, speed and feel of the native widgets
3. Revamp Existing Code
You can apply the UI components of React Native to an app code that already exists. This is an added advantage to businesses that need to supplement an app that exists but do not want to rebuild it. Embedding React Native UI components is a quick process and does not require re-writing.

4. Fast Compilation Through Hot Reloading
JavaScript is one of the fastest programming languages. It introduces another unique concept of Hot Reloading to provide better development experience. This feature combines the small compilation time of JavaScript and other capabilities. That means, you can make edits simultaneously without having to recompile it altogether. React Native brings the speed and agility of web app to the hybrid space and with the results of a native app.

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